The Double Zero Cycling Trip

- Zero Degrees Down - Zero Emissions Out -

Zero Emission travel down the Prime Meridian

Please sponsor me on my journey down the Greenwich Meridian, from Greenwich until the Meridian leaves Europe half way down Spain. All proceeds go to securing Rainforest to be saved in perpetuity.

The challenge is called 'Double Zero' because I will always travel on the very closest road to the Greenwich Meridian (the Zero or 'Prime' Meridian), and produce no emissions on my way (ok, i will exhale...)

I will accomplish this by cycling from Greenwich to Newhaven Harbour (the nearest harbour to where the Meridian leaves the UK), then sailing to Le Harvre (the nearest harbour in France), then cycling the whole way to just south of Denia in Spain, where the Meridien leaves Europe south to Africa. The only exceptions I will make is that I will avoid motorways, and I will not go backwards (except where impossible not to) to stay on the closest road.

STOP PRESS: I am having trouble locating a sailing yacht for the passage from Newhaven to Dieppe. If anyone knows how to help I would be most grateful. I'm happy to pay for charter fees - skippered or bareboat (I've a lovely skipper standing by) - anything to avoid having to take the Newhaven/Dieppe ferry - please email